Пиво «Немецкий рецепт» победитель в конкурсе «Выбор сетей-2017г»17.11.2017

Beer «German recipe» is a winner at the contest «Web’s choice»-2017»

OOO «Lipetskpivo» integrated works took part in the international exhibition «Peterfood-2017» in St. Petersburg on the 15-17th of November 2017.
ООО «Липецкпиво» за спорт28.10.2017

OOO «Lipetskpivo» supports sport

A tournament on Greco-Roman wrestling took place in the sports complex «Zvezdniy» on the 28th of October. More than 300 young sportsmen from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov region, Voronezh and other Russian towns took part within event program.
17 октября ООО 17.10.2017

OOO «Lipetskpivo» is a winner in nomination of Factory of food and processing industry on the 17-th of October.

OOO «Lipetskpivo» took part in the contest «The best service of standardization of the Lipetsk region» that took place in CSM of Rosstandart (FBU « Lipeckij CSM») on the 17-th of October.
30 сентября ООО «Липецкпиво» исполнилось 40 лет04.10.2017

The 30-th of September is a 40-th anniversary for OOO «Lipetskpivo»

OOO «Lipetskpivo» congratulates all employees and veterans of the company that work all those years and whose work became a basis of «Lipetskpivo» success.
ООО «Липецкпиво» приняла участие в фестивале «Липецкие воды» 28.09.2016

ООО «Lipetskpivo» took part in a festival «Lipetsk waters»

Five first-rate companies producer of mineral water and OOO «Lipetskpivo» is among them featured their production to the gests of the festival in Lower park in Lipetsk on the 27-28th of August.
Конференция в Липецкой торгово-промышленной палате11.12.2015

Conference in Lipetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A conference on the connection to USAIS (Unified State Automated Information System )was held in co-operation with the Lipetsk branch of FGUP «Center-Inform», 1С-franchise ООО «Intellect-plus» and OOO «Lipetskpivo» in Lipetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


OOO «Lipetskpivo» in co-operation with 1С-franchise ООО «Intellect-plus» and the Lipetsk branch of FGUP «Center-Inform» held a seminar on по вопросам of connection and further work in the USAIS of retail outlet places.
Информация для покупателей23.11.2015

Consumer information

Code list of all alcoholic products of OOO «Lipetskpivo» registered in USAIS.
 Подпишите петицию в защиту ПЭТ30.10.2015

Sign a petition in support of PET

A petition in support of PET containers. Collection of signatures under an appeal to President of Russian Federation V.V. Putin is carried out.
Выпуск новых сортов пива16.05.2014

New brands of beer production

OOO «Lipetskpivo» started a production of new brands «Wheat beer» with a beer brand «Priyatel» and dark - «Irish recipe». Receipt was specially worked out for those brands.