Regular Russian Cup 2018 on angling by leger rig took place

Regular Russian Cup on angling by leger rig took place on a dam of Matira storage pond in Lipetsk on the 10-14th of May. 191 sportsmen from 28 regions including many-time champions of the world and Russia, Masters of Sports of International Class, Candidate Masters of Sports took part at the competition.

Repeated prize-winner of Russian and international contests, president of the branch of European federation of fishing in sea-water, repeated champion of the World, chief national coach of Russia on discipline «jig head», television anchorman - Stanislav Radzishevskij became a distinguished guest of the contests.

Contestants from the Sverdlovsk Region became the winners of the contest, a team “Rostov region-1” won second-place, a team from Moscow-3 came to the third place of podium.

Not a single fish не пострадала during running the competitions. The main rule: «Caught – let it go» is in force at the Russian Cup.

We congratulate the winners!!!

OOO «Lipetskpivo» acted as a Partner of the festival.